Want a better bottom line?
Start at the top.

It's a known fact that business runs smoother when top line sales are strong. But sometimes, sales stall, customers get stuck, and you need to jump start demand with an incentive or innovative program. That's where we come in.

Let us help ignite your sales team, wholesalers and customers with proven push and pull strategies that put sales back on the right growth trajectory. Whether you are developing an annual sales plan or need program-specific ideas, here's how we can help:

Sales Promotion Strategy and Planning
• Define the promotion objectives, including ROI and risk exposure
• Identify target audiences and the right push/pull/combination strategy
• Wholesalers, retailers and/or customers
• Define the incentive or offer such as sales incentives, rebates, discounts, stored value, BOGOs, samples, premiums, etc.
• Establish parameters such as timing, products and geographic reach
• Develop a communications strategy to support the promotion
• Develop a measurement system to ensure your ROI goals are met

Let's drive top line sales together. Need an incentive? Give us a call today and sample our thinking – it's part of our own pull strategy, and it's absolutely free.