Marketing Communications

The opportunity to target and connect in a personalized way is quite exhilarating, we think.

The art of persuading people to think, feel and do is more dynamic today than ever before. Yet influencing others remains the unchanging purpose of marketing communications. So how do you best engage your shareholders, customers, employees and ambassadors? Your key to communications success is simply: relevance.

Let us help you deepen your relevance, and move your stakeholders from awareness to action with the right integrated marketing communications plan. Our services include:

Getting Started  
• Project vision and objectives
• Stakeholder analysis
• Communications audit
Planning Phase  
• Audience segmentation
• Message strategy
• Key messages
• Creative concepts
• Integrated touch point strategy
• Digital and social campaigns
• Advertising
• Sales promotions
• Educational programs
• Meetings and events
• Public relations
Execution and Measurement  
• Tactical plan execution
• Monitoring
• Dynamic adjustment
• ROI measurement

If you are looking for ideas on how to be more relevant through effective communications, begin by connecting with us.