Longitudinal Study for a Hospital

A hospital with a dedicated medical unit was interested in understanding the protocols for a specific life-threatening medical condition by EMS Units and hospital staffs. After assuming a leadership role in improving protocols, the hospital needed to know the extent to which awareness of and adherence to new protocols improved.

A state-wide longitudinal research study was conducted to gauge if weakness continued to exist in the medical protocols before and after process improvements were implemented. There was a five-year gap between research studies. We surveyed emergency medical technicians and hospital quality assurance staff to measure attitudinal and behavioral variables associated with the protocols.

Research illustrated that although there was some process improvement, additional strategic action was necessary to achieve the level of quality care to ensure greater positive outcomes. Additionally, the research revealed gaps in the continuing education related to the specific health care area, as well as isolated specific geographic areas that continued to operate below acceptable levels as established by the hospital.

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