Aligning Customer Perception
When Two Top Competitors Merge

Our client in the HR Consulting Industry recently acquired one of its top competitors. They now are able to leverage the strengths of both companies to gain a clear global advantage. But we were faced with a formidable challenge: how to re-position the newly acquired company and its products within the framework and brand architecture of the acquiring company.

Collaborating with our client, we conducted two online surveys – one for clients and one for prospects. In the surveys, we wanted to better understand the awareness and perception of the merger as well as the perceived strengths of each brand's positioning and the importance of brand attributes.

Using key findings, we crafted a new positioning strategy for the merged companies that better positioned the company as a whole, instead of the sum of parts.

Our client was able to effectively communicate the change to clients and prospects, positioning the acquisition as an all-around "win" for all stakeholders. The company comfortably adopted a loftier position in the marketplace, folded in the acquired company's products in the brand framework and moved forward with a relevant marketing and messaging strategy. Internally, the change was managed through a comprehensive and integrated communications strategy.

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