Positioning a Heritage Brand
for Relevance and Growth

Not many global brands compete and thrive for more than a century, but our B2B client has done just that. They manufacture drive train systems for four-wheel-drive vehicles, and their products have been installed in Indianapolis 500 race cars, public transportation systems, utility trucks, and military vehicles. Historically, the company's point of differentiation was innovative engineering. But in a world where contracts have replaced handshakes, quality parts are parity, and price-sensitive decision-makers choose value over quality, the company needed a way to re-position itself to remain competitive without compromising the essence of who they are and wanted to remain -- an innovative engineering company.

First, the company sought to understand the reputation of their brand and perception of their products. To glean this information, we held a series of executive interviews with decision-makers and conducted a competitive review of positioning, online presence, media purchasing and trade show activity.

Second, we drafted a new brand "blueprint" with focused positioning, an updated identity scheme, tagline and key messaging.

Then, we developed and executed an integrated marketing plan including a new online presence, identity ad campaign and segmented/targeted direct marketing efforts using email, key industry events and direct sales efforts.

The company has been able to maintain their hallmark reputation for innovative design, advanced engineering and unparalleled service while experiencing double-digit revenue growth for the last several years through both renewed and new contracts. They also have acquired several smaller competitors to maintain their position as one of the largest players in the industry. Further, the Berkshire-Hathaway company recently acquired the company as a nod of confidence to their ability to maintain sales and margin growth.

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